11 minutes with number 10!

Last Sunday (Jan 15), I watched the NY Giants eliminate the Green Bay Packers by a whopping 37 – 20. An enjoyable game, no doubt.

Eli Manning
11 minutes and number 10

I grew up a Giants fan, and I have fond memories of my family following the Giants, one frustrating year after another, until they finally won their first super bowl in 1987, than again in 1991, and lastly in 2008.

The last 10 years or so, I’ve become complacent about watching football. Not that I don’t enjoy the game, I just can’t stand the amount of commercial interruptions and the amount of penalties in a game. And listening to the inane commentary after each play gets annoying.

This got me wondering as to how much action do we ACTUALLY see in 3-hour broadcast?  I really don’t need a break to get a snack or go to the bathroom, 20 – 30 times during the course of ball game.

Then, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal where a writer thought of setting a stop watch to time the actual amount of action during a typical NFL game. To be fair, he took the average time from several games and came up with a whopping 11 minutes!

I will repeat that. ONLY 11 MINUTES OF ACTION! The rest of the time is commercials, breaks between each play, quarter, and commercial interruptions, and the multitude of replays!

It’s an eye opener, and worth a read. Will it stop me from watching games? Sort of. I don’t watch as many anymore, but when the playoffs come around, for reasons I can’t explain, I can’t resist watching!

Click this to read the WSJ article!

Looking forward to sitting for 3 more long hours next weekend, to watch the Giants play 11 more minutes!





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