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Arthur Boden was a brilliant graphic designer, artist and father. He was also a musician and navy veteran of WWII. For that, I honor my dad on this special veterans day. It is the first without him as he passed on March 6, 2019 at the age of 91.


Born in Newark, NJ, Art attended local public schools. After serving in the Navy, he attended Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, where he studied painting and illustration. Further study at The Art Students League, The New School, And Pratt Institute led to work in design studios and advertising firms as a layout artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

Art then joined the staff of IBM as designer, where a new and innovative design program was initiated under the aegis of world renowned designer, Paul Rand. Rising to the position of Art Director and supervising the art department in the Data Processing Division, Art produced many of IBM’s most important and influential printed pieces. The work secured international recognition and awards in the graphic arts field from The American Institute of Graphic Arts, The Art Directors Club(s) of New York and New Jersey, The Type Directors Club (s) of New York and New Jersey, and awards from Mead Paper Company  and CA Magazine to name a few.

Art’s concentration gradually shifted from printed materials to decorative prints and paintings. The Marlboro Graphics Gallery in New York City, under the direction of Barney Weinger, mounted a series of Art’s silk screen prints followed by a one man show of his large abstract acrylic paintings, the culmination of prior years of  creative work.

In a complete change of pace, the artist designed and produced Boden’s Beasts, a children’s book of whimsical three-dimensional animals hand crafted from ordinary household items. The book was favorably reviewed on national TV by critic Gene Shalit, and in McCall’s magazine, It was also featured in Graphis (a Swiss arts journal) and other professional publications. The Beasts was followed by Boden’s Birds and Boden’s Bugs. He has also had commissions for three-dimensional works for Good Housekeeping and Seventeen.

Art’s paintings are held in numerous private collections and a silk screen print was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. He was also a fine photographer and a proud grandfather of four children.

Illustrations / Moleskin Sketches
3 Dimensional
Photos of Arthur and Family

Ivan Boden
I'm a graphic designer and a photographer based in the New Jersey - New York vicinity. Ivan has photographed in theater and performing arts for nearly a decade and currently specializes in commercial, editorial, lifestyle, brand and corporate assignments.

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