Back to New Jersey!

After five years in Los Angeles, Julianne and I moved back to New Jersey. The solar energy firm she worked for and I did freelance photography for has closed down. We had no choice but to sell our home and move back to NJ. We are originally from NJ so it feels great to be back home and enjoy the change of seasons. LA is hot all year round, and for me, that was an adjustment. We loved our time in LA, but we certainly won’t miss the threat of fires and earthquakes. Some of the fires were very close to our home and the fear of losing everything was frightening. Thankfully, we were safe, but it was a wake up call.

Moving back is sad with my father’s passing last March (2019). He left a legacy as a contemporary artist and I took on the responsibility of overseeing his paintings, getting some into exhibitions and museums. It’s challenging but I’m pleased to take this on and honor his legacy. I’m assisting with my mother’s needs and help out where I can around the house.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones in New Jersey!


Ivan Boden
I'm a graphic designer and a photographer based in the New Jersey - New York vicinity. Ivan has photographed in theater and performing arts for nearly a decade and currently specializes in commercial, editorial, lifestyle, brand and corporate assignments.

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